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We provide massage services  Classical massage and sports massage

Classical massage - removes muscle problems and rehabilitate.
It relaxes the body and mind.
»Classical massage 30 minutes (spine) - 10 EUR
»Classical massage 60 minutes (whole body) - 20 EUR
»Classic Leg Massage 30 minutes - 10 EUR

Sports massage is a type of classical massage,
specially adapted for athletes or persons
serving a demanding physical performance.
  This is done before or after exercise.
»Sports massage 30 min. (Leg) - 10 EUR

»Sports massage 30 min. (Spine) -  10 EUR

»Sports massage 60 min. (Whole body) - 20 EUR

Treatments can be booked at the reception appartment house Villa Psenek

Daniel Pšenek
   tel. 00421/911322034