We are pleased to organize for you various excursions to:

- large ruins of the massive border guardian castle Beckov

- Cachtice Castle was made famous by bloodthirsty countess Elisabeth Bathory

- the cave Certova Pec was inhabited by Neanderthal man and is believed to be the oldest occupied cave in Slovakia.

- Castle Cerveny kamen

- the ruins of the castle Dobra Voda

- the classicistic manor-house in Dolna Krup

- Rotunda Ducove

- Kosariska and Bradlo are associated with Milan Rastislav Stefanik

- Museum Krakovany

-  Bacchusvilla with fallow-deer, stags and mouflon sheep

- Moravany nad Vahom

- Podolie - Park with models of Slovak castles and historical buildings on a scale 1:50

- Smolenice Castle

- Ruins of the castle Tematin

- The ruins of Topolcany castle

- Trencin castle

- The oldest Slovak royal town Trnava

- The Romanesque-gothic churh Vrbove

- Private animal farm New Zealand with romney sheep, kangaroos, buri goats, Ilamas, bisons, camels...

According to your wishes arrange transport to therapeutic procedures, to ski resort, accompaniment for social events, events for children, shopping...


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